Own A Prime 16

We are looking for qualified, experienced individuals who have always been interested in owning their own restaurant. Those who are passionate about the restaurant business and know what type of commitment it takes to be successful.

We are not selling franchises. We are looking for those interested in opening a Prime 16 of their own. Unlike a franchise, you would not pay a monthly royalty fee, nor would you be held to strict guidelines typically outlined by most franchisors. We would provide you with training of all employees for 2 weeks, use of our trademarked logos, ads, recipes, manuals and forms. Everything you need to properly and efficiently open up your own restaurant. But you are not just handed a bunch of forms and manuals. We work with you through the entire process. This includes site selection, lease negotiations, equipment purchases, restaurant layout and everything you need to get you to your grand opening.

How much you make and how well you do from that point on is up to you. We provide you with a proven and successful concept and over 35 years of hands on restaurant and management experience.

For more information, please contact Bob Potter (203)-494-6752.

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